10 Must Know Beauty Hacks

When I was growing up my mother never sat me down and taught me the wonderful world of makeup. The only thing I can remember is one day I just decided to start wearing it, and now it’s a staple in my every day life. These are a couple tips I have learned through the years that I wish someone would have taught me a long time ago.

1. While applying mascara, start with the brush at the root and wiggle it up your lashes. It separates the hairs and avoids a clumpy look.

2. The package may not tell you this, but makeup sponges are actually meant to be used damp. Foundation and other products will go on more smoothly if you run the sponge under water and then ring it out. It can also allow more of a dewy look some women desire.

3. While picking out the perfect foundation shade, it can be hard since you usually have makeup already on while going to the store. Often times women use the back of their hand to test colors, but that doesn’t always allow the perfect match that you would want. A better way to find the right tone is to test it just below the jaw line.

4. If you find yourself having trouble with oily hair that you didn’t always have before, you may be washing your hair wrong. Not only should you try to avoid conditioner directly on your roots, but also hot water. The hot water on your roots will dry them out and your scalp will produce more oil.

5. When you have stubborn dark circles that are hard to hide, you may be using the wrong concealer. You will want to find a concealer that is about two shades lighter than your skin tone. This will give the circles more coverage.

6. If you use mascara everyday, try to avoid always using waterproof. This mascara is harder to get off and when you constantly tug on your eye lashes to try and get it off, it will weaken the hairs and they will fall out.

7. Although eyeliner pencils can be stubborn, there are a few hacks to make them more user friendly. First if you need to sharpen the pencil, leave it in the freezer over night. This will make the pencil less likely to break when sharpening it. Next if you want the pencil to go on smoother, hold the tip under a flame for a few seconds. It will slightly soften the tip and it will go on much smoother and easier.

8. When applying concealer instead of dotting it under your eye, start at the top of your bottom lid and swipe down. When you’re done applying it, it should almost look like a half circle going from your nose to the corner of your eye. This will allow more coverage for under eye circles.

9. If you’re not naturally gifted with super long eyelashes and don’t want to purchase fake ones, there are other things you can do to help. Apply baby powder in between mascara coats to create a quick extension.

10. Glitter nail polish is so pretty, but all girls know you almost need sandpaper to get it off. If you still love the look but don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking it off after, all you need is a little glue. Before applying the nail polish, put on a tin coat of Elmer’s glue. Allow it to dry and then paint your nails. When you’re ready to change them, the glitter polish will peel off very easily and you’ll save lots of time instead of trying to scrub it off.


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