5 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Women Who Wear Makeup

Over the past few years we have been praising women who stray away from makeup and act like they deserve a medal for not using mascara. Although I do not have a problem with those who do not use makeup, I don’t think other women should be looked at as inferior because we aren’t jumping on the bare bandwagon. Whether you wear makeup or not, everyone has a right to what they are doing with their face and we shouldn’t make one side seem superior to the other. I think that it is great that so many women are comfortable in their own skin and don’t need to add anything to their natural beauty, but what if I like playing with purple mascara? The discrepancy happens with the word “need”. I do not need makeup, I simply like wearing it. Some women just naturally enjoy using makeup and enhancing what they already have because it can be fun. Not everyone who wears makeup is trying to “hide” or “trick” other people into thinking that our makeup look is what we came out looking like. Those who naturally enjoy using makeup and those who don’t can both represent powerful self-esteem, so don’t ask makeup wearers these questions.

1. So what do you actually look like?

– This. I still look the exact same without makeup.
2. Don’t you feel bad for tricking guys?

– Not at all. If a guy is dumb enough to think I naturally have blue glitter eyelids, that’s his own problem.


3. Do you get tired of putting that on all the time?

-Nope. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be doing it.


4. So aren’t you basically lying to people?

-Women are not magicians and makeup is not a prop or tool to deceive you. I would only be lying if I claimed I have a naturally contoured face.


5. How will a guy know what he is actually going to end up with?

-If a man is so shallow that he doesn’t love someone after her makeup comes off, they don’t deserve to be with someone at all. Your relationship shouldn’t be based on a set of false lashes.



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