8 Things Girls Hear On Days Without Makeup


Makeup is a beautiful thing, but sometimes we love it and other times we hate it. I will wake up some days and want to contour may face and have winged eyeliner sharp enough to cut through a man’s heart. That’s not always the story though when I wake up groggy, overtired, and just want to crawl back in bed. We should not be given grief though on the days when we are not feeling like Picasso. If you go a day without picking up the mascara, you are sure to hear some of these comments.

1. Did you do something different today?

-Yes I didn’t use 20 products to enhance my face.


2. Did you sleep okay last night?

-I slept fine sorry if the bags under my eyes tell you otherwise.


3. Something is a little “off” with you today.

-It’s probably the fact most people have never seen what I actually look like.


4. You look really different today.

– I know but I can rub my eyes freely without looking like a raccoon.


5. You’re really pale today.

-Not all women can have that “glowing” look like the Kardashians and pregnant women.


6. What happened to your skin?

– Aka photoshop is my worst enemy.


7. Were you running late today?

-No I just thought the 20 extra minutes of sleep was more glorious than makeup.


8. Are you feeling okay?

– IΒ was until you asked that now I feel like I want to punch you.



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