Color Correcting: Must or Bust?

If you’re a fair girl like me, you too may have experienced the struggle that comes along with hiding imperfections with almost translucent foundation. It doesn’t matter how many coats of concealer you layer on, redness always has a way to pull through. This doesn’t only apply to fair skin tones, but also for medium to dark tones when it comes to covering dark spots and under-eye circles. You want that full coverage look, but with layers we usually approach the problem of looking cakey. 

I was a skeptic when I heard about color correcting and just forgot about it and moved on. Then I started to see more and more videos of girls painting their faces to resemble a clown. In my mind I just saw it as another ridiculous viral fad and not something I should add into my normal routine. As I started to get less and less sleep, I was getting desperate for something to cover my dark circles and turned back to all those clown videos. I was shortly proven wrong and discovered that it wasn’t just a fad and now I swear by color correcting to fix unwanted pigment! 

Just like we had learned in primary school, it uses the color wheel to determine an unwanted blemish’s opposite color. The two colors cancel each other out and create a neutral effect. Way back then I never would have thought a color wheel would be useful, but after all makeup is an art! Here is a break down of the colors for your best coverage:

1. Peach (light skin) & Orange (deep skin): These two colors are used for canceling dark spots like pesky under-eye dark circles. 

2. Green: Combats redness and calms intesnse deep breakouts. 

3. Yellow: Calms general redness, being flushed, over entire face. 

4. Purple (deep skin) & Pink (light skin): brightens dullness and up lights facial features.


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