Ways You’re Hurting Your Skin Without Knowing It

Serums, gels, and face washes galore! All these products may get a lot of hype, but there are simple things that we can all do to help our skin. So before you break the bank trying every latest product for help, it is time to look at our daily habits. I have tried everything under the sun to try and get flawless skin. I realized that it’s the little things that we do that matters, not finding the perfect face wash. There is no magical product that you can use tonight and wake up looking like Beyoncé tomorrow, but there is some hard work you can put in to change your own bad habits that are hurting your skin. If you do any of these things you’re your own worse enemy so stop blaming your skin!

1. Not drinking a substantial amount of water.

This is the best thing that you can do for not only your skin, but your body also and there is no getting around it. Not drinking enough can leave your skin dehydrated and the only way to flush out toxins that can cause breakouts is water. Since water can be boring to drink, try adding fruit or trying carbonated water.


2. Touching your face!

I know, it is pretty, but hands off! Without even noticing it, you touch your face throughout the day. There are a lot of bacteria, germs and oils that can cause breakouts. Something as simple as keeping your hands away from your face can decrease blemishes.


3. Never washing your pillow cases.

Personally, I sleep on one side of my pillow case, flip it, and then wash it. Your face is rubbing and sweating against that fabric all night long. When the pillow case gets dirty so will your skin, so just a few extra washes can make a big difference!


4. Not washing your face at all!

So you got home at 2am and now you’ve crashed into bed. The last thing anyone would want to do is get up and go wash their face. Your fancy face wash can’t work though if you don’t even use it! Even though the struggle is real getting up to do it, your skin will be thanking you later.

woman asleep with smudged lipstick

5. Taking in too much dairy.

Yes, ice cream and milk is life, but it can be adding to your skin problems. Milk contains hormones that your body does not need and can be causing your breakouts. Your body regulates the right amount of hormones that your body needs so adding more in through your diet can be a no-no.


6. Not washing your makeup brushes!

Ladies when it comes to makeup the first rule is to blend and the next is to wash your brushes!! It can be hard to remember to wash your brushes when your rushing to get ready in the morning. These brushes not only apply makeup beautifully, but they are also little germ monsters. Old makeup and bacteria gets trapped in the brushes and then you swirl it around your clean skin in the morning. Yuck!



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