Shape Tape Nation: Foundation Hit or Miss?

The most highly anticipated foundation is here and it is time to spill the tea! If you love Shape Tape’s concealer, you were probably as excited as I was when they revealed that they were coming out with a foundation version.

Now we can’t ignore the elephant in the room that many were disappointed when the first images came out showing a very limited shade range. After the release of Fenty Beauty’s foundation a new bar was set for makeup companies to be inclusive to all beauty lovers. Since then, Tarte has put an apology on their Instagram story apologizing. They stated that since the foundation was so highly requested, everyone at the company was very excited and they released it early before all the shades were finished. They said “You all know by now that we revealed our much anticipated shape tape foundation… & the final shade range that we launched was definitely not a full representation of all of you. It may be too little too late, but we can assure you this was not meant in any kind of malicious way.”  More shades will be released soon, but until then there is foundation to review!

The foundation bottle is very similar to the concealer with a gold and purple chevron cap, with the addition of a frosted tube. The bottle feels very luxurious with a good weight to it, which I always appreciate with higher brand companies. There is also the signature chubby wand, this makes application quick and very clean. It was very easy to do a couple swipes across the cheeks and forehead, instead of pumping foundation on the back of your hand to apply it.

On Tarte’s website it is suggested to use the “paddle to perfection foundation brush” for the matte foundation and the “shaper sponge” for the hydration version. Personally, I think my beauty blender is the best thing that has ever been invented so I used that on the matte formula. The foundation went on like silk and didn’t cling around any dry spots or in the crevasses of my nose. Just like the concealer, the foundation was full coverage and dried perfectly matte. Of course the concealer laid over the foundation nicely without any creasing around my eyes.

After a 9 hour day, my makeup still looked pretty good. I had a little oil around my nose and on my forehead, but after a touch of powder it had looked just as good as the first application. I have naturally oily skin so the matte foundation fit my needs the best. For those with dry to normal skin, the hydration formula would be perfect. It is just as creamy, but a little more sheer than the matte version. Once it dried down it was definitely buildable to get the same amount of coverage.

I really enjoyed this foundation and will keep it in my rotation, but the downfall is still the lack of shade range. I could get the right color for myself by mixing Light Sand and Light Neutral since they didn’t come out with a plain light shade that they have in the concealers. There are so many out there though who will not be able to get the right color with this first release, so I hope the next range of colors coming out is much wider. By 2018 all companies should know to be inclusive and make a range that fits everyone’s needs.


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