ColourPop’s New Lux Lipsticks!

I thought that ColourPop had thought of everything we possibly needed, but boy was I wrong. From shadows, to liquid lips, and dupe-like highlighters, I would of never thought that a bullet lipstick was what my soul was missing from ColourPop. These bad boys retail for only 7 dollars!! Deals like these make me feel better about buying 12 different shades of nude lipsticks.

The packaging is absolutely beautiful and unique. The tube is a rose gold bullet frame with light imprints of stars. This print also matches the lipstick itself which is molded with stars wrapped around the entire lipstick. I love when brands do moldings like this on makeup products, it shows they put in the extra work and thought for these small details.

Now lets talk formula!! This formula is beyond buttery and creamy. It slides across your lips like a dream and just one swipe across gave me full opaque color. Some makeup products can be choppy and patchy until you get through the top layer but I didn’t not have this problem with any of the shades. It has a completely different feel and finish than any of their other lip products. I was worried while ordering these that it would be the same as their Lippie Sticks put into nicer packaging, but it is a completely different product. Apart from formula, it is also a different finish. These are not matte or drying at all. They dry enough to stay in place and not run outside your lipliner, but has a nice satin finish that is moisturizing throughout the day. The same formula was used on all 24 shades so there are no worries about the shade you love being in the wrong finish.

From top to bottom these shades are Lay Over (a medium rosy beige), Pinkies Up (a dusty mid-tone mauve), and LA Lady (a rosy terracotta) . I did one swipe of each color to show how pigmented these are.

I wore this for about 6 hours and I only had to reapply twice. I was pleasantly surprised that after eating two meals and drinking coffee the whole time that it didn’t fade faster. There was transfer but that is expected with any finish that isn’t a full matte cemented down. Also as it faded in between applications, it was a very even fade that didn’t clump up in dry spots or look patchy.

They named these lipsticks Lux because they wanted to give people a more luxurious feel at an affordable price and I think they hit the nail right on the head with this one. Between the sleek packaging and formula, I will be keeping these in my rotation. For a buyer’s reference these are comparable to NARS Audacious Lipsticks. I highly recommend these, you’re getting great quality for an amazing price and you can expand your lipstick collection to the full rainbow.


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