Magnetic Eyelashes: Hit or Miss?

We’ve all seen some crazy Instagram beauty trends that circle around the internet. One of those crazy fads I keep seeing pop up are magnetic lashes. If you struggle with glue and getting your lashes on straight without making a mess, these seem like they would be a God Send for you. Anytime someone says easy application, mess free, and reusable I am totally in.

Unfortunately that is not the case. Ardell just dropped a magnetic lash line in all their popular styles. You can choose from Accent Lashes, Double Wispies, Double Demi Wispies, or Double 110. They retail for 14 dollars each. If you are looking for a dupe for some of the higher end lashes this is a good brand for you. I was very excited when I saw these launch because their regular glue-on Wispies are one of my favorite lashes, so I knew Ardell could make a good lash.

The package comes with four lashes in it, but it is only one set. There are four tiny magnets along the band of each lash. What you’re supposed to do is lay one on the top, while sandwiching your natural lash in-between, and placing another lash underneath in your water line.

At first it seems like this would be a lot of lashes since you are getting two full layers. That was the least of my worries though because the largest challenge is getting them on! I worked for about 30 minutes and there was definitely a learning curve. I started with trying to get the top lash to stay in place while balancing on my natural lashes and then matching up the magnets underneath. There were a few problems that came with this. First, when the top lash is balancing on your natural lashes, there is nothing holding it into place. So as you’re trying to get the bottom layer on, it will shift forward either from gravity or the magnetic pull of the second lash coming at it. Another issue I found was that the magnets were not located close enough to the corners of the lash. So when you do get it on, they will stick straight out in the corners of your eye and not look natural. It doesn’t follow the natural curve of your eye and stay tucked down in the corner. With glue you can really get down the corners on both ends and make it look like a part of your natural lash line. A third issue was once you’re wearing them, and try to ignore the corners, whenever you looked down it’s painfully obvious you’re wearing fake lashes. Since the band sits so far out from your natural lash line, you could easily tell they were fake. I tried very hard and was committed to making these look good, but I could not get these to attach close enough to my skin to make these look natural. If you really fuss with them, they will stay straight for a few minutes (long enough to snap a pic) but as I started to naturally blink the corners started to pop up in the corners.

Sadly, this is not the replacement we’ve allΒ  been praying for. It would have been amazing to have a quick little lash to throw on without having glue drying time, there would be nothing to irritate your eyes, and nothing to clean at the end of the night. Until we find this magical lash, I’ll be sticking to my old favorites and glue. It can be tricky and messy to get used to glue, but if you take it slow and practice it is definitely something everyone can get a hang of. Some lashes that I do love, and strongly suggest, are Ardell’s glue on Wispies for glam and Demi Wispies for a more natural look. A couple higher end lashes that are also amazing are Lily Lashes in Miami and Velour Lashes in Sinful.


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