Battle of the Mascaras: NYX vs. Benefit

Recently two very similar mascaras have come out that both have a lot of hype around them. NYX came out with a mascara literally called “Worth the Hype” retailing for 8 dollars and Benefit just launched Badgal Bang! Retailing for 24 dollars. Since there is such a price difference between these two mascaras, the real question is how do they compare against each other?

Just like most of the beauty community, I am absolutely obsessed with mascara. I love to collect them, compare them, and layer them up to make my lashes look amazing. After all, lashes really pull your look together and make you eyes pop. Have you ever had an intense eyeshadow look and you’re thinking “maybe this is a little too much?”, but then you put on some mascara or fake lashes and it makes it all better. This type of logic makes me feel better for having 20 plus mascaras in my beauty table. So, which one of these mascaras are actually worth rotating in your collection?

The top wand belongs to “Worth the Hype” and the bottom is “Badgal Bang”.

Starting with the least expensive is NYX’s Worth the Hype, but as we all know price does not mean quality in the makeup industry anymore. NYX, along with many other drug store brands, have been coming out with great quality items and really closing the gap between drugstore and high end makeup brands. NYX claims that “If you want fuller, longer-reaching lashes, then the NYX Professional Makeup Worth the Hype Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara is your jam”. For this mascara you get a pretty standard old school wand, so there isn’t really anything special about this wand to do much for your lashes and hold up to the mascara’s claims. The formula is a little bit on the drier side, which I don’t mind because wetter formulas take a long time to dry in-between applications and go on a lot thinner. I like a nice thick lash so drier formulas usually make this easier to do. Doing just one coat did look pretty good. It added a lot of volume but not the length I was looking for. After adding a second layer though, the length really started to build up. It is a very buildable mascara because after the second coat, it did not start to get clumpy at all and the tips of my lashes stayed nice and thin. Sometimes when building up your mascara the ends of your lashes can end up looking blunt and get stuck together, but I did not have that problem.

I wore this mascara all day and it held up pretty good. I did not have any mascara crumbles on my face at the end or any smudging. The curl also held which was impressive since my lashes are naturally straight so it kept them in place. The only downside was the spoolie was pretty fat so I had a hard time getting the bottom and inner corner lashes without it touching my skin. Over all I’d rate this one a 8/10!

Next up was Badgal Bang! by Benefit, this had incredibly similar packaging as NYX. They are both all black with pink lettering on them, but Benefit has a very cute grungy/chic top that is studded. Benefit claims this “36 hour full-blast volumizing mascara creates massive volume without weighing down lashes! The gravity-defying formula contains aero-particles, one of the lightest known materials derived from space technology.” It has the same wand as the NYX mascara but came to a much more tapered end so it has a thinner point, which they say is to “reach from root-to-tip and corner-to-corner of upper and lower lashes for big volume with 360 reach!” The wand was much easier to control with the thin end to get all of my any lashes and I did not get any on my skin trying to maneuver the wand around. The formula however was a lot more wet  and went on a lot thinner. This made my lashes not look as full but they were lengthened. In the first layer it did a good job separating all my lashes and adding some volume. As I tried to build the mascara though to make it more full looking, it started to clump up especially at the tips. The ends of my lashes started to look very chunky and stick together. When I tried to wiggle the wand in there and separate them, it would just bend the wand because it was very flimsy.

After wearing it throughout the day, this one also did not have any flaking or smudging. It looked pretty much the same as when I put it on 9 hours prior. I was impressed that it has no running or smudging because I also had a workout while wearing this mascara. I would rate this a 6/10 for being so clumpy and making the tips of my lashes flat and blunt, since it had such high claims of being buildable.

On the left is NYX’s Worth the Hype and the right is Benefit’s Badgal Bang! Both mascaras are applied with two coats.

The winner is definitely Worth the Hype by NYX! I saw about the same volume and length between both mascaras, but NYX is definitely more buildable to get that dramatic lash look without it being all clumpy. I didn’t like how thick my lashes started to get with Badgal after only two coats and when I tried to separate them with the wand, they only got thicker. You can also buy three NYX mascaras for everyone Benefit mascara and still get an amazing look!


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