Covergirl’s New Spring Collection Review

Spring is here, even if the weather doesn’t feel like it!! With spring comes all of our beautiful bright colors after we have been rocking deep reds and purples all winter long. When the seasons start to turn I know I am always on the hunt for beautiful and bright colors to mix into my makeup routine. If you want some new products to mix into your spring routine there are some great and affordable new products from Covergirl! There are definitely some hits in this launch that I recommend so let’s pour the tea.

Melting Pout Matte- $6.99

These new liquid lips are a matte finish lipstick. They are super pigmented and creamy, it really only takes one swipe to get full pigment. It is a little on the drying side though once it fully settles. I think I have the driest lips on the planet though so if you have no problem with lipsticks like the matte finish from brands like ColourPop you’ll have no problem! I love love love the color selection in this launch, it’s very neutral with pinks and mauves which is right up my ally since you can work it into any makeup look. For the bright color lovers out there, they did work in a bright purple, red, and a navy blue. I wore this for about three hours and did experience some cracking in the lines of my lips. When it started to crack though, I popped a gloss on top of it and it all blended together beautifully.

Katy Kat Gloss- $6.99

Hands down the most pigmented gloss I’ve ever worn!! I originally tested it out like any other gloss, popping it on top of a bullet lipstick to have a solid base. It was very comfortable on the lips without being too sticky. There is nothing worse than a gloss that is too wet where it slides outside my liner or ones that are too sticky and when you talk you get those stringy lines between your lips. I was worried it would have to be a goopy gloss since it was so pigmented but I did not have this problem at all. After swatching all the colors I realized how crazy pigmented it was, so I tried the gloss on its own and it was fully opaque. That was huge for me! Even the white was full coverage, when lighter colors can usually be patchy on formulas that don’t dry down. If you’re a nudes girl I highly suggest the shade Cateloupe!!

Queen Collection: Major Shade- $8.99

My favorite of the two different matte lipsticks because this formula was very moisturizing. These babies were uber pigmented and comfortable. They dried down where there wasn’t any transfer eating or drinking, but I didn’t have any cracking. If you don’t mind reapplying your lipstick the Melting Pout Matte isn’t bad. I’m usually jumping from meeting to meeting fueled on coffee, so I don’t have time to always reapply so I preferred the Major Shade formula. I even did the ultimate test while wearing the shade LBD and ate a burger!! There was minimal crumbles on my bun and it still looked good enough to keep on when I was done. There was only slight fading on the inside of my lips which is expected. The shades Cake Walk, Insider, and Rebel are BEAUTIFUL.

Melting Pout Glitter- $6.99

This gloss was a much different formula than the Katy Kat Gloss. Although it was still a gloss, it was very sticky and didn’t have the pigment of the other glosses. I would definitely say this is definitely a topper for the Melting Pout line and not something to be worn on its own. (Shade Double Platinum from above)

Vitalist Go Glow Luminizing Lotion $8.99 & Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter $8.99

This is a duo to glow to the Gods! The luminizing lotion is the perfect first layer to add in under your foundation is you want a nice natural glow, like the Instagram trends when they are glowing like Tin Man. You can wear it alone as well to for a beautiful glowy skin shimmer. I liked this better when I was doing a light makeup day and wore it alone. I have VERY oily skin and when I wore it throughout the day under my foundation, I had to keep blotting through the day to not look completely slick. With dry skin you’d probably have no problem and rock a healthy glow. The cream highlighters are blinding, blinding, blinding! I feel like cream highlighters don’t ever get enough credit. If you’re a girl with texture, cream highlighters should be your best friend! You can still blind everyone one that passes without drawing attention to your texture. It’s also amazing for having as your first layer with a powder highlighter on top!

Vitalist Healthy Setting Powder $8.99 & Vitalist Healthy Concealer Pen $8.99 & TruBlend Color Correcting Palette $9.99

The setting powder is now a staple item in my purse. I used my regular powder for baking and then used the setting powder as an all over powder. I feel like my bronzers and blush always blend better with a powder than if it was straight over my foundation. Its light and compact to keep in your bag for touch up and I didn’t experience any flash back! It gave me a nice smooth look and kept a handle on my oil and pores! I used the concealer pen for not regular concealing but instead for contouring. Then pen made it so precise even for my nose to put down a cream contour exactly where I wanted and blended out like a dream. If you haven’t learned about the magic of color correcting learn all about the benefits and directions when we went over that here! The purple blended amazingly and did a great job at covering some dark acne scars I still have from my younger years!

Katy Kat Eyeshadow Palette & TruNaked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette $9.99

I combined both the Smoky Eyeshadow Palette and the Katy Kat palette in Hot Kat to create a classic smoked out look with a glitter cut crease. Both of the palettes were very pigmented and blended so easily. There was a little bit of fall out but I expected that going in from swatching the colors since they were slightly powdery and very dark. I just used some loose powder under my eye and it wiped right away when I was done. I also used the lock it up eyeshadow primer for this look and it prevented any creasing throughout the day. I also strongly suggest using the lock it up setting spray to dampen your brush to make the shimmers from the Katy Kat palette more pigmented so it really popped.

If you are only looking to add in a few ideas to your collection for the Spring time I think that the Katy Kat Gloss and Major Shade lipstick are the most worth it along with the setting powder!

This was the overall look I created with all these products!!

*Content is not sponsored, all opinions are my own


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